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Senior Leadership & Executive Search

Grid Group continues to experience growing demand within our client base for pivotal hires in the form of senior and executive leadership. Year over year we are being invited to support our clients with more senior, strategic hires as they prepare for significant growth, reorganization, and technology enabled change. In response to this demand, we have formalized a boutique, non-transactional approach to delivery for these unique mandates that prioritizes Quality, Speed, and Data.


We prioritize quality over quantity. Our job is to source, assess and present candidates that are uniquely qualified to succeed as leaders in your organization. You will only interview candidates that have a track record of success, excellent leadership capabilities and a strong alignment with your requirements.
Our process is designed to help you continuously evaluate your needs and requirements in order to get to the best hire. We provide a candidate matrix, interview materials and candidate/market feedback that will support your decision-making.


Businesses must be more agile than ever while they grow and change at a more rapid pace. We understand that our clients need to fill important leadership positions as quickly as possible to maintain momentum. The industry standard 4 to 6 month search process does not align with the needs of businesses anymore.
Our top priority is engaging with our network and finding highly-qualified candidates from day 1. We will begin reviewing candidates with you as soon as we qualify them and deliver real-time updates so we can advance the search as quickly as possible.


Recruiting and interviewing senior leadership is an excellent opportunity to collect insightful data and market intelligence on your industry, your company and the position. We take advantage of that for you and report back key findings on:

  • Compensation
  • Candidate motivators
  • Team size and structure
  • Role trends and strategic mandates
  • Employer brand and reputation

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