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At Grid Group we believe that the way we manage our own team has a direct impact on the way we manage our network and clients.

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Culture is not a Cubical

Written by Andrew Stewart - Senior Recruiter It seems the longer the pandemic has impacted our lives, the more the debate grows about the future of work from a Remote/Hybrid/In-Office perspective. More and more, employees are expressing a desire to
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Developing positive candidate experiences through the screening and interview process.

Written by Bennett Royer – Director, Talent Advisory There are certain immutable laws of building a good candidate experience. Excellent communication, transparency, thoughtful feedback, timely updates, and respect are the most important. An organized and well-planned process that provides value

Kaila Hoar

Legal Industry Technology Leadership Roundtable

Digital innovation within the law industry has always been a difficult topic to get buy-in from those in practice due to the highly regulated and confidential nature of the industry. To help close the gap between technology and legal best practices, Grid Group

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